Week 10 #5 Macro



center of a Poinsettia

My attempt at macro. I tried extension tubes.  I tried focus stacking again, taking the images into Lightroom and then into Photoshop. Trying to get enough images with enough different focus points is a real challenge. (There is a lot of white spots due to “dust” on the flower.)


Week 9 #6 Forsaken

railroad station-

This is an old derelict train station off Hwy. 41 just north of Gibsonton, Fla.  I remember seeing it at one time. When I thought about “forsaken” this came to mind.

I like to process “old things” in a sepia tone. To me it brings out the “oldness” of the image.  It was processed in Lightroom then into Photoshop with Topaz B&W Effects.

f14, 1/200 sec. ISO 200

Week 5 #10 Leading Lines


This is a Banyan tree at Selby Gardens.  My “leading lines” are the roots here. It certainly has an interesting root system.  I had to do some cropping and cloning due to the sky not being too good. It has an interesting shadow on the center trunk.

Week 4 #Wild Card

tea cups-2

My pick this week is a photo I did for a friend as a birthday present.  She collects antique tea cups.  I borrowed 3 of them to try and create a photo of them for her.  I like getting a little creative.  I cropped it into a square and had it made into a canvas 14″x14″.

I applied a texture and did a little color toning.